• Free delivery from set order sum. 

This one of the most asked feature which was missing from Parcely app. Now you can set a fixed order sum from which delivery to locker locations is for free to the customers. There is a possibility to set different order sum for every shipping provider. For example, you could set 50€ for Omniva and 30€ DPD if you would like to. Free delivery will be active after setting an order sum in the app. 

  • Matkahuolto locations in Finland.

We added Matkahuolto which is of the most popular shipping provider in Finland. They have over 1500 locations all over Finland. Check Pakipoint services if you would like to automate your whole fulfillment processes or just print all shipping papers in one place. 

  • Now possible to enable and disable the app.

Many new merchants have asked this kind of a feature as they would like to enable and disable app during testing and configuration period.

  • Translate error messages.

You can now translate the error message which is displayed when a customer forgets to select a delivery location. 

  • No more country selection if all delivery locations are in one country.

We got some hints from merchants that customers are sometimes confused about why there country selection flag if you can only choose one country. Now the country selection is only visible if a merchant offers delivery with Parcely app to more than one country. 

  • Address field information deleted if user will select courier.

This was a small but impactful UX problem which most merchants did not notice, but some did and we are very thankful for reporting it. It occurred If user selected first delivery to Parcely location and proceeded to checkout and the changed their mind and came back to the cart to choose shipping by courier. Then user saw still previously selected location address in checkout. Now app will remove the location address from checkout in this situation. 

  • We did few other minor UX and UI improvements.



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