Use Parcely Shopify APP to offer Itella  Finland Posti parcel locker or post office location selection shipping method in your Shopify store.

Parcely can be used with all Shopify plans and can be easily installed through offical Shopify APP store. No “Third-party calculated shipping rates” needed.

We are always offering free app and shipping methods setup service. Just turn to our support and we will set everything up for you.  

Posti Shopify

Main features

Demo video

As you may have noticed the selected location will be added to the cart as a product. It is needed to select the correct shipping method in the checkout. Otherwise, customers have to select shipping methods twice during the checkout flow. Parcely will install the delivery product to your Shopify store and it just needs to be set up based on the store needs.

Posti pick up location in Shopify order

Parcely includes shipping labels printing functionaliy. You can print labels for all shipping providers in one place. 

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to have demo call.

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