·         Parcely app delivery selection can now be hidden based on user IP. Store admin can select (in delivery settings) Parcely app to be visible only if there is an active delivery service option for the customer. Example: If store user visiting store from Germany and Parcely app does not have any active location in Germany then app widget will be hidden for this user.

·         App is not using order notes field anymore. All location information is added to order additional fields. App is adding location ID, name and address to separate fields. Additional fields are visible for ORDER API and can be used for ERP integrations.

·         Major user interface update. We made many UI changes based on app users’ feedback.

o   “Delivery by courier” and “Delivery to locker or pick-up point” selection is clearer now for users by adding selection toggles, mouse over and making it look like a button.

o   Location based shipping service sections also go selection toggles and mouse over and look like a button now.

o   Country selection step is now after selecting “Delivery to locker or pick-up point” to make sure that “Delivery by courier” is not limited by app country selection. We also changed flag icon to round shape as it looks better 🙂

o   Location selection color was changed from gray to green.

o   Other smaller UI changes were made based on designer suggestions.

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