Fullfill paid orders and send a tracking number to the customer

Parcely app has an extra feature that will automatically fulfill all orders which are shipped to lockers or pick-up points. This feature will also send automatically out Shopify “Shipping confirmation” notification email and add tracking code into it. 

Important! Tracking code will only be added if you have configured order exporting in your store.

Please make sure that your store is not already fulfilling all orders automatically or this feature will not work. You can check it under admin/settings/checkout/Order processing/After an order has been paid (it should be “Automatically fulfill only the gift cards of the order” or “Do not automatically fulfill any of the order’s line items”)

This feature can be enabled by adding a check to “Mark automatically all paid orders, which are using Parcely order exporting, as fulfilled.” in Parcely app admin. You can find this setting from app admin view on the “Delivery Settings” tab and under “Other Settings”.

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