7. Omniva courier “door to door” order data exporter setup (not mandatory)

Starting from 09.11.2021 all stores which are using the Parcely app can also export courier shipping method orders to Omniva self-service or DPD interconnector. It’s important to remember that Parcely app does not offer a courier shipping method itself, it only allows you to send order data to the shipping service provider. 

How to set up Omniva courier order exporter?

  1. Choose “Omniva courier delivery – order data export to Omniva self-service” service in the app. Check that your Parcely app plan support more shipping services. If it does not then please change the app plan to higher. 
  2. If you haven’t used Omniva order exporter before then please add Omniva XML/API keys to parcely app. You can ask for these keys from Omniva support if you don’t have them yet.
  3. Set a default courier service type for your store. This will be a service type that will be sent to Omniva self-service (Locker delivery service type will not change because of it). Turn to Omniva support If you don’t know which service type you should use.
  4. Set a shipping rate for your store. As you can send every order to Omniva self-service then it does not matter how many shipping rates you set in your store. You can also set multiple Omniva courier shipping rates per country.
  5. Sending an order to Omniva self-service.
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