2. Added shipping selection translations (multi-language supported)

Go to your store apps and select Parcely app. Now move to the “Translations” tab.

My store has 1 language

For you it is easy as you can just change default texts to texts that are in same language as your store. If your store is in English then you can change default texts as well if your like to.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to set up a new language itself in Parcely app if your store does not have multible language views. 

My store has multible language views

You would need to set up the same languages in Parcely app as well. Just click on “Set language” button and select the needed languages. These languages will be connected based on language codes (for example /en or /et or /lt etc.). 

After adding all needed languages and their translations widget texts will change based on the language view.

There are many, many translation apps available for Shopify and not all are natively supported by our app. Please contact our support if you face any problems. 

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